Update: I have done an improved version: the compact keychain 2.0.

This is a nice keychain I’ve been using for more than a year now. Since it broke, discount see I had to rebuild it so I took this chance to share it with the rest or the world.


  • 3 washers (number of keys + 1)
  • Some keys (I use only two keys)
  • A pop rivet (requires a river gun)


  1. Fasten the keys together using the rivet and put washers between them.
  2. Admire your creation.

That’s it. It works well with my two keys, physician and it is very compact and quiet.

Today I received some supercapacitors. I’ll will use them in an upcoming no rx 102, approved 0); font-weight: bold;”>TOP SECRET project.

I have got a 10F, dosage a 22F and a 50F capacitors.

Here are some pictures:

By the way, please only order free samples if you need them.

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