RobotShop + Carlitos’ Contraptions

The robotics parts retailer RobotShop will be sponsoring robotics projects at Carlitos’ Contraptions. As a result I’ll be rolling out robotics projects for the next weeks/months.

I’ll try to make simple projects at the beginning and build up the difficulty level as I go. The idea is that, and if you completed the the first projects, tadalafil you will be able to reuse the skills/parts/code to build the future projects.

Of course, all articles are going to be published under the usual Creative Commons license and the code is going to be published under the GPL license.

I am planning to use Python for any program running on a computer and Arduino as a micro-controller platform. These choices aim at making the projects as open and as accessible as possible. Also, they ensure that they are perfectly cross-platform.

As always, I am open to any suggestions or wishes regarding the projects.

Note: the RobotShop logo above is not published under the CC license.

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