We are (surprisingly) popular

The IB + Engineer in Ecuador
The IB + Engineer in Ecuador

Awesome news! The Montreal Gazette recently published a nice article about the international cooperation project I participated some time ago: The Ecuadorian Makecation.

You can find the article here:  Students’ trip to Ecuador is no vacation.

Montreal's Gazette Article
Montreal's Gazette Article

And anther picture just for fun:

Live the thrill of international cooperation.
Ecuador Trip - The TV Series

BTW, pill lately, I have been overusing the word “awesome”.

One thought on “We are (surprisingly) popular

  1. Saludos Carlos, es un poco raro encontrar a un argentino escribiendo en ingles sobre sus proyectos. Tu blog esta bastante interesante, voy a estar pendiente de el.
    Un saludo desde Colombia de un Tucumano exiliado tambien, jeje.


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