Playing With the Kinect

When Adafruit created a contest rewarding the first person that would create a Linux driver for the Kinect, I immediately went out to get a oneĀ  of my own. At the time I had the foolish hope of being the first to hack it. This hope crashed into the ground when the Kinect was hacked in three hours by an uber hacker.

Nevertheless, I got a Kinect and libfreenect and en entire OpenKinect project is awesome. The possibilities that the Kinect offers are boundless, whether it is used for robotics, human-computer interaction, 3d scanning, etc.

So far my contributions to the OpenKinect project are not too great and are limited to a Logo candidate. I hope to create some neat applications with the Kinect in the future.

In the meantime, I created a tripod mount for my Kinect using a 1/4″-20 machine nut and some polymorph. This was very easy to achieve and snaps around the Kinect to hold it very firmly. The main goal of this mount was to provide a very firm grip without permanently damaging or modifying the Kinect. See the video below for more details.

[youtube e9ue9D1Ee_8]

As a hint of what to expect in the future, know that my main interest for the Kinect is SLAM and 3D scanning.

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