Arduino-controlled RGB LED Mood Cube

As the first Carlitos’ Project, I put together a 4x4x4 RGB LED Mood Cube. This cube is composed of 64 RGB LEDs that can generate any colour you can imagine.

RGB LED Mood Cube
RGB LED Mood Cube

The main idea is to display colourful patterns and nice animations in this 3D LED matrix. In order to do so, the LEDs are controlled by a Rainbowduino, the lovechild of an Arduino and an LED driver.  The Rainbowduino can power up to 192 LEDs which is exactly the number required for this project (4x4x4x3 = 192).

See the instructional video below if you want to put together a cube of your own. Be prepared to watch me do a lot of soldering at 10x speed.

[youtube _-zgh6amwbM#]

In order to access the full instructions and documentation for this project please visit the RGB LED Mood Cube project page it put together over at

RGB LED Mood Cube Kit
RGB LED Mood Cube Kit

If you want to make your own cube and are prepared to solder a lot, you might want to have a look at the full RGB LED Mood Cube Kit we put together at RobotShop.

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