Protecting Nao

Nao is a very expensive piece of equipment and It would be a shame if it got dirty, gastritis scratched or damaged. Nevertheless, viagra sale the official Nao suitcase is prices at 777.77 USD. This is rather expensive A suitable alternative is the cheaper Plasticase Nanuk 945 which is as sturdy and IMHO much better looking.

As explained in the video below, implant I also use clear Duck tape to protect Nao’s surfaces. This tape is inexpensive, does not leave any residue and is very strong.

Also, as a follow-up of the video, in order to better protect Nao from the friction in the pelvic region, I use D-profile self-adhesive ribber tape (the kind you normally use in door frames to prevent air from coming in). Since it is white and mate like Nao it goes very well and makes for a nice belt.

Nao with rubber belt
Nao with rubber belt

2 thoughts on “Protecting Nao

  1. Carlos,

    Excellent videon, thank you. I was wondering what to do about the friction rubs when my Nao sits down, your idea is an excellent one and I will get some tape tomorrow.

    Thanks again


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