Carlos Asmat

Carlos Asmat

Welcome! This is a modest journal of my creations. I hope my experiments and contraptions will be useful to you all (or at least to some).

For those curious about the author, let me introduce myself: I am Carlos Asmat, Jr. Eng.

I graduated as an Electrical Engineer from McGill University not long ago and I love to tinker, experiment and to create things. I am very passionate about engineering, and new and open technology.

For further information about myself, I invite you to see my resumé.

I would be very pleased to receive any comments, suggestions, or questions that you may have about the site. You can reach me at info [at] or by using the contact form.

This blog started in August 2006 mainly as an experiment. My main goal was to have a repository of the things I have done and a way to organize them and document them. Since then, the site has gained in popularity and proved to be useful to some tinkerers around the globe.  This is why I am very pleased to continue to maintain it and to write new content whenever I can.

[youtube CmYDgncMhXw]