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I’ve Got An X-Ray Machine! World Domination, Here I Come!

I just found an X-Ray machine in the garbage. Yes, look
you read right, buy more about
I now have one of those X-Ray machines like the ones your dentist uses.


The X-Ray Machine is Watching You
The X-Ray Machine is watching You


Of course, I have no experience whatsoever with X-Ray machines so I am open to suggestions.  What should I do with it? Any suggestions? Any projects that you would like to see me do with it?

Also, how safe is operating this thing? I guess I will need a lead jacket.

Here are more details about the machine, it is a General Electric, and comes with an arm that makes it easy to handle since it is extremely heavy. The arm is lovely, the only problem is that it is heavier than the machine and needs to be wall mount. Needless to say, I have no walls that could endure so much torque.


X-Ray machine With Arm and Weird Base
X-Ray machine With Arm and Weird Base

The arm is designed to transfer pretty much all of its weight and that of the X-Ray generator into the wall. This makes it very convenient and also impossible to install in a regular house. At least, as far as I can imagine for now.


I also found what seems to be a very heavy base but I am not sure what it is suppose to do. nevertheless, I always have a good use for a large square steel plate.


X-Ray Machine from the garbage
X-Ray Machine from the garbage

Let me know your ideas and suggestions by posting a comment below.


Protecting Nao

Nao is a very expensive piece of equipment and It would be a shame if it got dirty, gastritis scratched or damaged. Nevertheless, viagra sale the official Nao suitcase is prices at 777.77 USD. This is rather expensive A suitable alternative is the cheaper Plasticase Nanuk 945 which is as sturdy and IMHO much better looking.

As explained in the video below, implant I also use clear Duck tape to protect Nao’s surfaces. This tape is inexpensive, does not leave any residue and is very strong.

Also, as a follow-up of the video, in order to better protect Nao from the friction in the pelvic region, I use D-profile self-adhesive ribber tape (the kind you normally use in door frames to prevent air from coming in). Since it is white and mate like Nao it goes very well and makes for a nice belt.

Nao with rubber belt
Nao with rubber belt

Carlitos’ Contraptions at The Geekfest

Montreal is soon going to become the city of geeks! On March 5 and 6, sanitary the Geekfest 2011 is going to take place and Carlitos’ contraptions is going to be present. I hope to see all of you fellow geeks at our table.

Carlitos' Contraptions at the Geekfest
Carlitos' Contraptions at the Geekfest

What is the Montreal Geekfest?

The Montreal Geek Festival (or Geekfest) is an enjoyable festival that brings all sorts of geeks together. Non-geeks are also welcome.

The festival’s mission is to:

  1. Target all the different types of geeks and bring them all together.
  2. Teach the public about geek culture while deconstructing the stereotypes.
  3. Promote more specific Montreal geek festivals (Otakuthon, no rx Worldcon, etc.);
  4. Promote Montreal geek conferences (Podcamp Montreal, Webcom Montréal, etc.);
  5. Promote Montreal geek organizations (W3Québec, Île Sans Fil, etc.).

The main goal is for all participants to have a good time and make new discoveries while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

What is Carlitos’ Contraptions doing at the Geekfest?

I am a geek, it is no secret, and I love geeky stuff so the Geekfest is a very good place to be for me. Beyond that, I would like to share with the Montreal community my latest developments with the Nao, some of my previous contraptions and promote my upcoming gadgets design service. See the message below form Nao 1337.

[youtube EB6bT6m9jw4]

See you all at the Geekfest!